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creative video communications

DR3 Productions creates exceptional video. Producer/director Darrah Ribble guides each project from concept, through scripting, field production and editing.

DR3 productions creates video that tells a story -- the importance of a new product, the value of working as a team, the effectiveness of a training strategy.
Brief history:
Darrah Ribble began his career in video in 1980 as a sound technician and proceeded to become an expert in many of the specialties of video production, from lighting director to director of photography, editor and finally director. As clients began to approach directly, Darrah launched DR3 Productions, adding his writing and show design skills to create outstanding videos.
Be creative, embrace new technologies, and keep a low overhead. Meet each project's objectives and budget. Hire the most professional freelancers in the business to keep production standards high. Work hard, wow the client, and enjoy the repeat business.

Areas of expertise:
The pharmaceutical industry, especially sales and marketing. Healthcare and hospital systems. Science and biotech. Medical devices, orthopedics and surgery. Food and consumer packaged goods. Auto parts and service.

Partial Client List